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Welcome to NumiIndia India & Middle East

We’re proudly one of the trusted firms in the country. As a leader in the rare coin industry, we carry Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Copper Coins, NGC graded Slabs. We are covering all of the ERA of Indian Coinage to cater your requirements.

• 5 Years of Experience
• Best prices anywhere
• Certified and Non-Certified Coins

Since we started in 2014 our highly trained, professional staff has worked with many of high valued clients who are searching for guidance and reliable advice when it comes to owning physical precious coins.

Our reputation is built on trust. Many of our clients refer their families and friends to us. We understand the need for reliable information and personalized one-on-one service. That is exactly what you can expect when you contact our firm.

Our wide selection of high-quality products, great prices, and unmatched service has allowed us to maintain a balanced customer base across India. In addition, our principals are members of the Various Numismatic Associations, coin collector themselves and travel across the country in search of perfect coin. At NumiIndia, we have the credentials and reputation as a professional firm you can depend on for fairness and honesty.

Tejas Gajjar
Founding Partner
+965 6503 5376
Tejas Gajjar is a Chief Technology Officer at Leading Firm in the Middle East Region. Engineer & Technological mind in nature, He has a passion of collecting Indian Coins since early age. Tejas loves using IT to enhance his Coin Studies as well as helping various Numismatic members to enhance their adoption. This varies from identifying coins, management of Coins data, storing Coins, Coin Records management etc.
Mohammad Aaqib
Founding Partner
+91 89 5757 7565

Aaqib is passionate coin collector since his young age. Aaqib started trading coins at very early age to expand his knowledge, collection and to help others to manage their collection. He is Currently studying Engineering along with his passion.

In Numismatics field, Aaqib worked with many experienced and seniors of Numismatic Society. He has a great eye to judge and Deciphering coins, that one can only be achieved after going through thousands of coins. He learned Persian in his young age to Read Mughal coins and now expertise in the Mughal Era. He travels a lot to get handpicked coins from different places throughout the Nation.

Aaqib actively Participate in Many National exhibitions across India. In 2018, he was among the 12 participant who have participated in the Numismatic exhibition at the biggest museum of south Asia where he represented the coins of Delhi Sultanate, Mughals and British India. Aaqib Is also a lifetime member of many National Numismatic Society.

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