Line Drawing Of Coins


About It :

Line drawing is basically legend reconstruction of a coin via digital methods. Coins usually dont have complete legends and details on them which makes them difficult to understand. We are offering entire Numismatic community a way to prettify coins and make them much much understandable to everyone. And yes, confidently we provide 100% precise work whether we talk about Brahmi, Kharoshti, Urdu, Arabic or any other script. Every line drawing is done manually with patience and proper study (there is no such software available to convert a coin to respective overlay). It takes alot of effort and time (2-4 hours) to finish a project. If you are writting a book or research paper on coins we have your back for any sort of line drawing and legend reconstruction of coins.

Charges :
Normal Execution   
(Time upto 1 week )

₹ 800/- per coin (without print)

₹ 900/- per coin (with print on thick card sheet)

Express Execution –

₹ 1200/- per coin  (same day completion within 24 hours, max 5 coins)

* Projects are deliverable in any digital format after completion (PNG, JPG, PDF etc).

Privacy Policy :
We value privacy of your rare coins. Images provided to us for line drawings will remain 100% confidential.

Contact Details :

Mohammad Aaqib

Call / Whatsapp : +91 8957577565  | +91 8840039137

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