Medieval Kashmir, Utpala Dynasty Gopala Varman Æ stater


Ruler : Gopala Varman
Era : (AD. 902 – 904)
Dynasty : Utpala Dynastuy
Denomination : Æ stater
Metal : Copper
Weight : 5.65 grams
Diameter : 17.90 mm
Reference Number : MNC 160

Obverse :
Goddess Lakshmi seated facing, with Nagari legend “Gopala” to right.

Reverse :
Ruler standing sacrificing at altar and holding trident; with Nagari legend “varma” to right.

Gopala Varman succeeded his father but was killed in 904 by his minister Prabhakaradeva. At first he was followed by a supposititious son Sankatavarman who died after ten days. Then Sankaravarman’s widow Sugandharani came to power.
A boldly struck specimen. Rare and choice.

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