Yajvapala, Jajapellas of Nalapur, Asala Deva, Jital (1255-1297 AD)


Yajvapala, Jajapellas of Nalapur, Asala Deva, Jital (1255-1297 AD)

Ruler : Asala Deva
Era : (1255-1297 AD)
Dynasty : Yajvapala
Denomination : Jital
Weight : 3.50 g
Diameter : 14.5 mm
Metal : Billon
Refrence: Tye# 58

Obverse :
Devanagari “Sri mad-a/sala deva/sam(Year) in three lines.

Reverse :
Distinctive stylized rendition of a rider bearing lance on caparisoned horse facing right.

Comment :
The Yajvapala dynasty, also known as Jajapella or Jajpella, held sway over parts of central India during the 13th century CE. Their seat of power was situated in Nalapura, which is present-day Narwar in the Shivpuri district.

During the early years of the 13th century, the Yajvapalas established a kingdom in northern Madhya Pradesh, demonstrating their military prowess by successfully fending off invasions from both the Chandela dynasty and the Delhi Sultanate. However, the exact circumstances surrounding the demise of their rule remain uncertain.

It is believed that the Yajvapalas eventually succumbed to the might of the Delhi Sultanate by the close of the 13th century. Despite their eventual defeat, the Yajvapala dynasty left behind a legacy of resilience and independence in the face of formidable adversaries.

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