Yajvapala,Jajapellas of Nalapur, Chahada Deva, Jital, (1281-1282)


Yajvapala,Jajapellas of Nalapur, Chahada Deva, Jital, (1281-1282)

Ruler : Chahada Deva
Era : 1281-82 CE (1338 VS)
Dynasty :Yajvapala
Denomination : Jital
Weight :  3.52 g
Diameter :  13.7 mm
Metal : Copper

Obverse :
Nagari Legend citing Chahada Deva

Reverse :
Horseman to Right

Comment :
The Yajvapala dynasty ruled parts of central India during the 13th century Chahadadeva was succeeded by Asalladeva.These coins are dated in Vikrama Samvat. They feature a horseman on one side, and the legend Srimat Chahadadeva on the other side.The next ruler Gopaladeva faced an invasion from the Chandela king Viravarman in 1281-82 CE (1338 VS).The Bangla and Narwar inscriptions of the Yajvapalas claim that Gopala defeated ViravarmanAccording to the Bangla inscription, a battle was fought on the banks of the Valuva river (near modern Baruwa near Narwar) on 28 March 1281 CE

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